Innovation: Philosophy

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We act as the architects of your brands’ and business’s innovation.

We take our inspiration from architecture. Successful innovation has a commercial logic, answers a human need, makes a profit, stands the test of time. It needs to be delivered on time, or quicker, and – all else being equal – to a budget.

Good innovation like good architecture cannot compromise on logic, on magic or on its ability to shape our culture. It is the fabric of all our futures. It improves lives. Makes us smile or gasp or relax or believe. At its best, it engages our very soul and enhances our world. Sometimes, it just makes everyday chores a little less painful.

All our innovation work starts with a robust interrogation of the problem or opportunity our client seeks to address. We never just “take a brief”. If you had clarity on the opportunity, you could probably manage reasonably well without us. We help you refine the brief and then set about seeking the inspiration we need from culture, technology, consumers and competition to begin the process of invention.

We have a panel of 3000 experts from around the world, and a digital ideation platform we can draw upon to help. We are big believers in prototyping (hence our in-house creative teams). And we have learnt that the biggest barrier to in-market success is the lack of a robust proof of concept and business case. Enter stage left, our quantitative research experts and ex-strategy, consulting and business analysts.

Good architects lead great multi-disciplinary teams, and are happy to call in an expert when one is required. We are no different.

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