Peroni Case Study: Bottling Italian Style

18 Jan 2010|Added Value

Most men drink beer to become Italian. Irresistibly cool. Handsome. Charming. So why not drink a beer that actually is Italian?

SABMiller had acquired a new brewery. Peroni. A little known niche brand that was mostly sold in a pizza franchise.

But there was something about this brand. And SABMiller wanted to unleash its potential.

Peroni at the time was talking beer in the familiar codes of global beer culture. Football, motor racing and a night out with the lads. And it was only really Italian in the choice of the team, the car and the language on the night.

The brief was simple. How do you create a different kind of beer brand? One that would work globally? One that would appeal across cultures? That could operate in markets that had different levels of beer ‘savvy’. All while complementing the SABMiller portfolio and galvanising the internal sales and marketing teams.

As with many an international beer brand, the answer lay in its homeland: La Bella Italia.

Exploring the cultural codes of Italianness uncovered a wealth of routes to be explored. From the rural idyll of the countryside to the darkness of Italian masculinity and the preening display of ‘la passagiata’.

And spending time with Italianophiles around the world helped to resolve the challenge of engaging the leading edge connoisseurs of New York and London, while still holding the patriotic interest of Italians in ‘our beer’.

Concepts were tested globally. Stealomatics and advertorials brought the potential brand character to life. And the answer? Italian style.

A brand that could evoke the effortless glamour of Italian fashion. The timeless allure of Italian art and culture. The passion of Italian life.

The launch was magnificent in its delivery of the brand promise. A Peroni ‘style store’ was revealed in a top fashion district in London. Vespa scooters transported guests to events. Iconic advertising mirrored Italian style at every touchpoint. The brand became a lifestyle statement rather than a beverage choice.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro has launched in more than 20 global markets. Growing strongly against market trends, it’s the pride of SABMiller and Italy.

How did we Add Value?
We steeped ourselves in all things Italian. From Dante to the Sopranos. And half way along the Via del Corso, just when we feared the “via era smarrita”, came the thought that this could be a brand that lived on the catwalk. Peroni. Possibly the coolest beer in the world. What could be more Italian?

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