AOL Hispanic Cyberstudy 2010

01 Feb 2010|spalacios

With the launch of the AOL Hispanic Cyberstudy this week, we are reminded of several important ideas that relate to serving ethnic consumers. One of these is the persistent belief in old notions regarding the Hispanic market. These worn assumptions are not only no longer valid, but the fact that many marketers still tout them is undermining numerous growth opportunities for companies. Let’s take a look at just three of these…

Hispanics are behind in the internet. Wrong.

The Cyberstudy shows that Hispanics are highly engaged internet users, accessing through more devices than non-Hispanics. It also shows that those Hispanic Dominants that are online (Hispanics who have a propensity to speak and read Spanish) are exhibiting lead user behavior, as opposed to follower behavior. They self report as being technology mavens. There are more Hispanics 18 years old and older online today (58%) than there were non-Hispanics online in 2002 (57%).

Ethnic identity is the only way to look at Hispanics. No way.

Hispanics have clear cultural and in some instances linguistic behaviors online, and can and should be served on the basis of ethnic identity in many cases. But, like all consumers, identity is fluid and contextual, and the online medium both facilitates and even empowers that fluidity in ways other mediums (print and broadcast) cannot. The digital medium puts the consumer in charge, allowing him to define his interests and even his identity (Avatar is not just a movie, it’s a way to create yourself anew online!). The Cyberstudy showed that Hispanics have the interest and advanced online behavior of navigating across languages, creating content, using advanced tools in ways that do not put them into a constrictive “Hispanic only” box.

Hispanic buying behavior is largely offline and through word of mouth. Not any more.

While it is still very true that word of mouth is important, online Hispanics reported that they trust online product review content more than the recommendation of a friend. In fact, the purchase process showed clear points where Hispanics are actively searching for brands, products and places to buy.

These are only three highlights of the AOL Hispanic Cyberstudy. There is so much more. See for yourself – download a copy.

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