Southern Sun case study: innovating hotel living

05 Feb 2010|Added Value

Picture this lifestyle: Less formal, less structured, less corporate, less routine, more mobile, more diverse, more energetic, more open.

These are some of the characteristics that define the New Age Traveller. It’s no wonder they are dissatisfied by the big chain, corporate hotel offerings that:

Instantly cut you off from the vibe of the city.
Make you feel like you’re in an airport terminal when you check in.
Make you wish you had a GPS to get down the corridor to room 1500.
Remind you why the world has rejected matching carpets and bed spreads.
Reintroduces you to the blanket.
Lack style, unless you’re fond of poster art.
Have more neon light than sun light.

For hoteliers Southern Sun, the insight meant an opportunity – to re-engineer the traditional hotel and create a vibey and stylish yet affordable option for a new kind of business traveller.

SunSquare was born.

Their vision: to be more stylish, more bold and more natural across all the hotel touch points.

The result: it’s goodbye to the conventional.

SunSquare offers hi-tech check-in kiosks instead of a desk-based reception. The traditional lobby goes in favor of a stylish cocktail bar overlooking a restaurant where skilled chefs display their artistic international culinary skills in front of guests. This is a new kind of meeting space, making that quick business meeting pleasurable and entertaining.

The rooms are shaken up in line with the vision. The expensive-to-build separate bathroom is traded in for a stylish alternative – a high pressure shower, and quality toilet and basin are incorporated into the room, hidden by a frosted glass enclosure.

The staff are young, hip and happening, recruited specifically from outside the hotel industry – hired for attitude and aptitude, and trained for skill. Many of them are earning cash to get into theatre or art school. The result is a more interesting and engaging service experience for guests.

Finally, it’s located in an entertainment hub. SunSquare ensures its guests never feel cut off from the city vibe.

How did we Add Value?
We delivered deep qualitative insight into the future of South African business travel to create a vision for the next generation of business hotels.

We then workshopped every touch point of the new hotel with the Southern Sun marketing and design teams to turn the vision into reality. And with 80% occupancy, a great place to stay!

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