Vodafone case study: because to know me, is to love me

18 Feb 2010|Added Value

A great personality has the power to draw you into a brand. In the words of Madonna: “To know me, is to love me”.

But an irresistible personality is easier said than done. It’s all too easy to think you’ve either got it, or you haven’t.

Vodafone is a company that is fast becoming known world-wide but light speed growth and local acquisitions meant the brand lacked one true voice that could incorporate the multiple backgrounds it was coming from and build a single vision for the future.

Vodafone not only needed to define its brand personality. It also needed to roll it out globally. And the roll-out had to be engaging, inspiring and above all sensitive to the needs of the local markets.

Jung’s Archetypes are universal personality types that can be understood intuitively across the world (think lover, hero, creator and innocent) which means they are the perfect tool for a conversation that needs to take place both on a global and local level.

We took Archetype theory and added in a generous dollop of imagination and creativity along with a rigorous but inspiring review of who Vodafone was at its best.

After nailing the personality we created a unique board game that enables brand owners across the world to decode the hidden archetypal symbols within their creative and identify just what exactly they are saying about who they are.

How did we Add Value?
The game enables an objective analysis and discussion of a tricky topic – personality.

It can be played both in analogue and digital format by teams of up to 12 people and provides the structure but also the inspiration to open a conversation around who the brand is and who it can become.

It became an invaluable tool in the roll-out of Vodafone’s new brand personality and scooped first prize in its category at the WPPed Cream Awards for creativity.

What did the client say?
“The archetype game is a great example of an imaginative brand tool that helps bring to life the personality of the brand. It will play a critical role in enabling us to build global consensus around our identity destination and in reviewing our brand expression.”

David Erixon, Director of brand strategy and manifestation, Vodafone

The archetype game is now available to all clients in an interactive new online format called CharacterLab.   Click here to find out more.

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