Eco Inovations - March 2010

12 Mar 2010|Added Value

Electric Sypder

Volkswagen unveiled its electric vehicle strategy for the next 8 years with a goal to sell 300,000 electric vehicles annually, by 2018. The jewel in their crown is undoubtedly the new plug-in electric hybrid Porsche – 918 Sypder – launched at the Geneva Auto show. Still at concept stage, hybrid Porsche can allegedly get 78 miles per gallon, can go 16 miles on electric charge alone, and can do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.

The Chairman of Porsche noted at the unveiling event that the company has never made a concept car that it didn’t bring to production–hinting that the odds were likely that the Spyder 918 was more than just a stunt. Check out the best of the rest at the Geneva Auto show.

Green skiing

Yes we realise the oxymoron BUT there are opportunities to limit your environmental impact whilst enjoying a potentially endangered holiday. Following the dual mission of respect for nature and savvy-design, we’re loving Whitepod, in the Swiss Alps. Surrounding a central chalet are 15 geodesic-dome pods, each equipped with a terrace to soak in the view, a wood-burning stove, and solar and rechargeable energy that heats and powers them. The pods are green-coloured in the summer and covered with white canvas in the winter for maximum energy-efficiency. Additionally, they are built on platforms that won’t leave a trace on the land.

Green Medals

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver hailed a first for awarding the Olympians with medals made partly from e-waste. Gold, silver and copper was recovered from recycled household appliances, electronics and cables and other metals from computer parts and circuit boards through smelting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Climate Sceptics? – there’s an App for that

Skeptical Science matches climate change sceptic’s arguments to science-based counter-arguments. Created by Australian solar physicist John Cook, he says “This is a good idea for two reasons. Firstly, because now more than ever it’s imperative that the climate debate focuses on science so the more readily available the science, the better. Secondly, well, an iPhone app is pretty cool.” 

Still on the climate debate – Bill McKibben’s analogy of the attack on climate change science to the trial of OJ Simpson is thought provoking.

Kickin’ Energy

A group of Harvard Uni students have developed sOccket, a soccer ball that turns energy from a kick into electricity. The portable energy-harvesting device captures the impact energy, storing it to charge lights, cell phones and batteries. sOccket could eventually help ease the reliance on toxic kerosene lamps in developing nations, thereby reducing the associated health risks.

Currently in the prototyping stages, sOccket has been successfully piloted in Durban, South Africa. Spotted first by Springwise.

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