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12 Mar 2010|Added Value

Janine Hawkins in Malawi

What does it mean to be a sustainable business when your “product” is ideas? For Added Value, we believe it involves helping our clients develop successful sustainable strategies. What we call Branding for Good . But it also means looking at how we make a positive contribution to communities globally. We are proud to be involved in fundraising efforts for UNICEF. One such project in Malawi allowed our global CEO, Janine Hawkins to get personally involved. 


UNICEF is the leading global children’s organisation, reaching children in more than 150 less-developed countries around the world. UNICEF works with local communities, organisations and governments to make a lasting difference to children’s lives.

Added Value, as part of the Kantar network, is proud to be involved in fundraising efforts for UNICEF.  One project in particular has allowed me to get personally involved – the Children’s Corners Project in Malawi, Africa. These projects are primarily there to help, support and educate children who have been orphaned by HIV/Aids. I recently spent a week in Malawi, visiting several of the Children’s Corner initiatives, along with 5 of my Kantar colleagues (including CEO Eric Salama), to see first-hand the work that UNICEF carries out using money donated from across Kantar. Below is an excerpt from my blog – Day 2:

“Yesterday we travelled from Lilongwe to a town in the South of the country called Blantyre. A 4 hour journey that opened our eyes to the beauty of the country, green and lush from the rainy season, with thousands of small fields full of maize that provide the crucial lifeline that feeds the country.

But ironically this is the worst time of year for malnutrition. Stocks from last year’s harvest are running out, and with 2 more months to go before this year’s harvest, food is in very short supply. Today we were privileged to meet the people who are doing all they can to care for children with malnutrition. We visited the Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, where children under 5 suffering from chronic malnutrition are cared for.

This is the only unit in the country that cares for children who have malnutrition with chronic complications, some with TB, some HIV positive, some with pneumonia; and they are all cared for by 1 doctor. Just 1 doctor for as many as 100 children at a time. They desperately need funding and more experienced doctors and nurses, and most critically the country needs to understand how to make their fertile land bear more crops through better irrigation and education.”            

The funds raised by Kantar employees will support 350 Children’s Corners in Malawi, purchasing new toys and equipment such as playgrounds, general equipment such as cooking utensils, and educational materials. Funds will also be used to train care givers and people who manage the centres.

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