SaaS: Finding Opportunity: Finding a Silver Lining in the Cloud

26 Mar 2010|Added Value

A leading consumer and enterprise technology company needed to decide on the most viable opportunity for their R&D investment. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a rapidly growing area that many technology companies are currently entering. The company was considering a nascent market in the SaaS landscape that IT Pros were just starting to investigate, which made it difficult to estimate future demand.

Our Contribution
Cheskin Added Value was asked to identify the fastest growing workloads by market and business size in multiple countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Using our OpFinder™ approach, Cheskin Added Value synthesized information from primary, secondary, and syndicated research data, as well as an online quantitative survey. The analysis was based on an understanding of customers, competition, market trends, channels and partners.

We also created a financial model of current and forecast share of wallet that quantified the revenue upside of key workloads, what percentage would stay in-house and which would use SaaS.

Our client was able to determine how quickly the move to SaaS would occur in different workoads and reduce their risk by making informed investment decisions based on understanding SaaS demand and the factors that most influence demand. The client found the project such a success that they expanded it the following year.

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