Discovery en Español: Relevance: Discovering the Difference

26 May 2010|Added Value

Discovery en Español is the Spanish language version of the Discovery Channel. It offers Spanish-speaking audiences of all ages nonfiction entertainment including nature, science and technology, history and world exploration. Like its sister networks, Discovery en Español aims to educate, inform and entertain viewers with quality programming designed to help them explore their world and satisfy their natural curiosity.

The Opportunity
Discovery en Español came to Cheskin Added Value with a very direct need – to better understand their audience in order to deliver relevant and enriching content and to provide advertisers and affiliates with insight into who their viewers are, what sets them apart and why they are fans. While Discovery en Español also sought to determine the importance of cultural relevance for its audience, their overall question was what makes the Discovery en Español experience different from its competitors?

Our Contribution
Over several years, Cheskin Added Value conducted a comprehensive series of studies using a variety to methods to profile and bring to life the Discovery en Español viewer. We conducted exploratory qualitative in established and emerging markets as well as a nationwide quantitative demographic and psychographic viewer profile. Additionally, we conducted ethnographies with Discovery en Español viewers to understand them as people, and in partnership with Discovery en Español enlisted the help of an experienced photojournalist to capture over 20 hours and 3,000 images in high-definition of viewers in their everyday lives to determine what audiences value most.

We found that the majority of Discovery en Español viewers are representative of the U.S. Hispanic market in general, with shared cultural values- and not a small group of heterogeneous individuals. What makes them different from other viewers is what draws them to Discovery en Español.  They share some of the same ambitions that drew Hispanics to the U.S. in the first place: a sense of progress, a burning curiosity, and the use of low cost tools (including TV) to provide knowledge, worldliness and wherewithal – all of which make up for an education they could never afford. Moreover, Discovery en Español learned that their current content is relevant regardless of acculturation level.

In early 2010, combining our insights with secondary data, Discovery en Español was able to bring its viewers to life with a new multi-media ethnography, “Mi Mundo es en Español.” This portal captures the essence of Discovery en Español’s viewers for advertisers and affiliates and will help Discovery en Español consumer communication efforts to stay relevant for U.S. Hispanics.

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