The Added Value "Cultural & Trends" Offer

08 Jun 2010|Added Value

Added Value France reinforces its Innovation Offer by investing in a cultural insight expert, Marcus Alfonsetti. Marcus will be here to help build the Cultural Insight competency and to train the team on semiotics and trends. He will be working on innovation projects for clients such as Pernod Ricard, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline and Ikea.

The Added Value “Cultural & Trends” Offer

We believe brands that remain culturally relevant have the best chance of becoming an icon and withstanding the test of time. Although brands can’t control culture, they can anticipate and shape it, rather than react to it. At Added Value, we use a rich combination of semiotics, trends and ethnography to inform many of our brand strategy and innovation projects.

Marcus Alfonsetti

Marcus Alfonsetti joined Added Value as a cultural insight specialist in 2006, using semiotics and trend-based analysis to steer brand strategy and innovation. He has worked on a range of food, fashion, home and lifestyle clients including Levi’s, Moët Hennessy, SAB Miller and Vodafone. Marcus has also played a key role in developing Added Value’s semiotic offering around decoding design and is concurrently undertaking a PhD at the University of the Arts, London. Prior to that, he worked on integrating cultural and emotion-based insight platforms for the CRAM Group and Saatchi & Saatchi, and has undertaken stints in media consulting and client-side marketing.
Marcus will remain in the French office for the next six months before joining the New-York office.

For more information, please contact Marina Cozzika

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