Eco innovations Branding for Good News Issue 24

14 Jun 2010|Added Value

Looking anew at plastic chairs

What good comes from recycled plastic bottles?  More plastic bottles? Coca-Cola wants to change consumer behaviour to show how beautifully designed everyday products can be made using rPET. Introducing the 111 Navy Chair™. Yes, you guessed it, the 111 stands for 111 recycled bottles.

Pedal Power

Is this a glimpse of the future?  Will our new mobile phone purchases come with bike chargers as standard?  We like this branded Nokia charger that fits onto any front bicycle wheel.  Ten minutes pedal power gives you around 30 minutes talktime; a great example of building brand value through sustainability.

Washing for Good

Reinforcing community minded values, Method hit the streets of New York last month with their “Wash Smart, Give Smart” glass-walled mobile laundry room/truck. Through a partnership with Goodwill, the Method mobile laundry team were encouraging passers-by to donate clothes for the charity.  After washing and drying them, the Method team delivered them to New York Goodwill locations to be resold.

Solar iPower

There’s no denying that however beautiful & indispensable your iPhone is, it devours the battery power at an alarming rate.  So we were delighted to come across this little hybrid solar charger. How well it sells though will be down to how long it takes Apple to launch the solar iPhone.  According to Patently Apple, the iPhone will retain its sleek exterior by encasing the energy collection cells within the body of the phone.  We can’t wait!

Puma’s paw print

When is a shoe-box not a shoe-box?  When it’s a shoe-bag? Puma have taken shoe packaging back to the drawing board and with consumer collaboration, ditched the cardboard box for an innovative bag. The “Clever Little Bag,” still has cardboard inside so retailers can stack the bag like a box, but it uses 65% less cardboard than a box.  Puma aren’t stopping at just packaging; they aim to be carbon-neutral by the end of this year and are offsetting the CO2 footprint of World Cup team’s travel to and in South Africa.

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