Opportunities for Marketers to Capitalize on 'Cultural Modulation'

06 Aug 2010|Added Value

This week People en Español unveiled the top-line results of it annual Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT) Study, which this year celebrates its 10th Anniversary. This is the third major study conducted by a major media company on the changing role of Latina women in the U.S. and yet fresh insights are still being revealed.

According to Stephen Palacios, exec VP of Cheskin Added Value, which conducted the HOT study for People en Español, [the] modulation between cultures and roles women play creates a certain tension and a need for guidance among Hispanic women that marketers should be aware of. For example, the HOT study found that 23% of Latina women (vs. 5% of general market women) said they “don’t know how to dress appropriately for work.” This finding clearly indicates there are huge opportunities for apparel brands and retailers to “help/guide” Hispanic women to achieve their goals of advancing their careers.

Read the full article by Chiqui Cartagena, on AdAge.com

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