The "Latino Digital Divide" is not a surprise

11 Aug 2010|Lyle Personette

Clients and colleagues have been sharing a recent report from the Pew Hispanic Center, “The Latino Digital Divide: The Native Born versus The Foreign Born,” that looks at differences in cell phone and internet usage between US born and foreign born Hispanics. While the report is methodologically sound and provides invaluable information, I did not find the results as surprising or shocking as other readers.

Having previously researched the demographic differences between immigrant and native born Hispanics for clients here at Cheskin Added Value, I read the report in a different context than most readers. To illustrate, I created population pyramids for US born and foreign born Hispanics which show the extreme difference in basic age and gender composition of the two groups (see chart). I believe that just knowing that US born Hispanics are much younger as a group than foreign born Hispanics – and that tech usage in general tends to skew younger – should make readers view the report in a whole new light.

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