Branding for Good NEWS Issue 25

13 Sep 2010|Added Value

Welcome to Issue 25 of Branding for Good News, Added Value’s newsletter focused exclusively on sustainable marketing; the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

With less than three months until world delegates meet for COP16 in Mexico, it is anyone’s guess whether the results will be more effective than Copenhagen. Not hard, we know. Some say the lack lustre policies on the table to tackle climate change resulted in a hung parliament at the recent Australian general election. The Green Party’s share of vote was 11.4%, up from 3.6% in 2007. Of the 5.4% swing against Labor, nearly 70% of it went to the Greens.

HSBC analysts forecast that the world’s low-carbon energy market is likely to triple by 2020.  “A new climate is starting to emerge, driven as much by resource scarcity and industrial innovation as by the raw realities of global warming,” the report said. Currently worth $740 billion, HSBC analysts expect the low-carbon market to triple to $2.2 trillion over the next 10 years. Helping to stimulate investment in UK low-carbon energy businesses, the Carbon Trust has pledged £5 million a year in R&D grants to help turn high-risk start-ups into attractive investment propositions.

Both WWF and Airbus are engaging in crowd-sourcing initiatives to promote change. Green Game Changers is WWF’s call for entries to create a bank of global innovative case studies to inspire new green ways of doing business. And Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas (FYI) is a call to action for students worldwide to create new ideas for a greener aviation industry.

General Motors are on track to send no waste to landfill for half of their global manufacturing operations by the end of this year. Their plants globally average a 90% recycling rate. Procter & Gamble are switching their entire U.S. and Canadian portfolio of powder laundry detergents to a new compacted formula beginning February 2011, saving energy, water and reducing waste. And their Tide Loads of Hope campaign continues to provide clean clothes to families affected by the Haiti disaster.

CSR – beyond Green

Business ethics and fair treatment of employees were ranked highest for concern by respondents in our recent CSR study with 1000 German consumers.  84% of German consumers want to see more ethical behavior. And they hold both the government and brands accountable to deliver. Read our findings here…

Doing the right thing can be the single most important aspect of your business in terms of securing its long term viability. NGO’s, like Germanwatch, advocate for a political, economic and social framework that will move Corporate Social Responsibility beyond a voluntary requirement.  Read their viewpoint.

Eco Innovations

Junkitecture, rethinking the urinal, eco 3D, festivals and H2O: we bring you our pick of sustainable innovations making an impact on our everyday lives. Take a look…

And lastly, we’re delighted that Leslie Pascaud, our global director of Sustainable Marketing Practice, will be the Keynote Speaker for the second annual Brands and Branding for Good Conference, in South Africa next month. We’ll be sure to give you the highlights from this event in our next issue. In the meantime, if we can help you with your sustainable marketing issues, drop us a line at

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