Introducing OpFinder™. Providing market direction.

28 Sep 2010|Added Value

How do you quantify a market opportunity to be certain that it’s the right way to go?  How do you measure the potential for return on a new product in a new market?  How do you guide cautious stakeholders to invest wisely in innovation?

Who can answer these questions? Cheskin Added Value’s OpFinder™ can. OpFinder™ is a powerful business tool that helps companies identify and size revenue-producing opportunities. Our proprietary methodology has been proven over years with some of the world’s most sophisticated Fortune 500 companies. Using rigorous consumer, financial, and market analytics and modeling, OpFinder™ creates the business case that clarifies strategic direction.

Need to find out more? It’s on the Cheskin Added Value website (naturally). So is a downloadable Tip Sheet with 10 things to think about before you launch your next innovation.  Check it out at

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