Pepsi doing good- Camp Okizu

12 Oct 2010|Leigh Marinner

Pepsi is using online and real world social networks to support charities and show participants a Pepsi ad every day for a month. A win/win. My chosen charity is Okizu, a camp for kids with cancer. This camp experience is so important to families affected by childhood cancer. Charities can compete for $5000, $10,000, or $50,000. Those with the most votes in their category win the money. Okizu is hoping to win $50,000. I get on every day and vote on the Pepsi challenge site, through my Facebook site, and by sending a text message on my phone – 3 votes per day. If you’re interested go to for a Facebook or Pepsi Challenge vote plus text your vote to Pepsi at 73774 with the message 103211. Voting every day in October reminds me of Okizu every day, and I see/listen to the Pepsi ad.

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