Artifacts & Social Histories

15 Nov 2010|tommy

This is simply awesome. Japan’s Pass the Baton store (“Pass the Personal Culture”) allows people to pass their belongings on to others. ┬áNothing new there. But what’s so great is that we get to pass along the stories that accompany those belongings, too.

I’m fascinated by the cultural / social value that our belongings accumulate as time passes. What begins as a simple Cross pen winds up as a family artifact passed down from parent to child. Patek Philippe uses this idea to market their watches (“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”) Pass the Baton recognizes this and serves as both a marketplace AND a clearinghouse for social meaning of items.

I believe that if more people understood the idea of social meaning, we’d see an expansion of the heritage movement. Preserving belongings rather than consigning them to the dump. Protecting the history & stories that accumulate rather than seeing things as just “things”.

Call me sentimental, but this is fascinating.


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