What makes a master of marketing?

24 Jan 2011|Added Value

Added Value New York’s Ruth Moss has been selected as one of the 25 marketing leaders featured in a new book released last week.  

Profiles in Marketing Excellence, published by the DMN3 Institute, is a global collection of interviews with top marketing professionals in various roles within the industry, from educators and published experts, to veterans and consultants.

The brainchild of Pamela Lockard, Founder and CEO of DMN3 and the DMN3, the book is the result of Lockard’s curiosity about the signals of success in a tough industry.  According the media kit accompanying the book, she began to seek out ‘the biographies of leaders to learn what traits they might have in common’.   She says, “I realized I knew little about what makes top-notch marketers tick. Those at the top of the field often stay in the background, doing their best work behind the scenes.”

The accessible, ‘conversational’ profiles feature industry influencers who’ve worked for businesses like Laura Mercier, Kodak, Google, Hewlett-Packard and JCPenney.  In the words of the publishers, the profiles ‘reveal what it took for these individuals to rise above the rest in marketing today — their triumphs and setbacks, how they work, and who they are as people’.

Ruth Moss, Executive VP of the Added Value office in New York, says this of her inclusion in the book, “It’s always interesting to think about what’s important to you as a professional.  Being asked to participate in this was not only a tremendous honour, but also a great opportunity to consider what has shaped my working life.  I’m looking forward to reading the other profiles and learning what I can adapt for the next chapter of my career.”

In a snippet from her profile, Ruth offers this valuable advice to students:

Understand that when you get an opportunity, savor it. Give it your best. Nobody owes you experience. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to the business to give it your all. To absorb everything you can while you’re young. When you’re young, the doors are open. As you get older and gain experience, your opportunities start to become more defined. Until then, find your own style and what works for you. It also helps to shadow a mentor and learn all you can.

Download the full information pack, or visit www.profilesinmarketingexcellence.com

Or contact Ruth Moss / +1 212 532 5500 for more info.

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