Shedding Light on Creativity

16 Feb 2011|Added Value

“We have the greatest creativity as compared to any other species.” Ideas Man Shed Simove tells us more.

One of the best ways to inspire teams to thinking differently is to get a stream of interesting, inspiring speakers to come along and give an informal talk over lunch. That’s exactly what the Added Value UK office did. Last month Shed Simove  came in, a very talented  performer, author and entrepreneur. He started life working for Planet 24 coming up with ideas for the Big Breakfast and then Big Brother.

He now earns his living coming up with brilliant ideas for the gift Market that fly off the shelves. Shed believes that “when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures – if you follow the idea through…”. Our particular favourite ideas were the male and female remote controls, the iPad notepad and a pair of glasses that will allow you to not be recognised in photos.

Aside from all of his crazy ideas his thoughts on creativity were really inspiring. He is a man not afraid to challenge the norm. Fearless and feisty but yet charming too. A delight to meet and he left us all feeling inspired and wanting to be a little bit rebellious.

One of his points that really interested us was the thought that knowledge is dead. Shed proclaims “who needs knowledge when the Internet can give you all the knowledge you need?”. He is right, you can ‘Google’ and find just about any answer you need and with computers and machines taking away the need for people to perform automated actions what will be left for us to do?

We have the greatest creativity as compared to any other species. Creativity can never be automated. Only we can observe the world and find more interesting ways of doing or creating things.
Shed has his own six rules for being creative:

1. Twist or update something
2. Do the unexpected
3. Imagine an impossible goal
4. Take success from another business area
5. Merge two unrelated ideas
6. Break a rule

It is a myth that not all of us are creative. You can learn to be creative. You just need to know what the right tools are. More and more of us are going to need to tap into our creativity to career longevity and a successful future so maybe we should all try at least one of Shed’s rules today.

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