Branding for Good NEWS Issue 27

23 Feb 2011|Added Value

Welcome to Issue 27 of Branding for Good News, Added Value’s newsletter focused exclusively on sustainable marketing; the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

The global launch of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan in November 2010 saw CEO Paul Polman give a credible answer to the burning issues, somewhat crystallized by images on the news of villages washed away by floods in Pakistan and Australia. “We have ambitious plans to grow the company,” he stated. “But growth at any price is not viable; we have to develop new ways of doing business which will ensure that our growth does not come at the expense of the world’s diminishing natural resources.”

China may well take the lead on this as they unveil their twelfth 5 year-plan next month.  It’s being hailed as the greenest strategy document in the country’s history and plans to tackle waste, pollution, champion renewable technology and possibly introduce an environment tax. The urgency is apparent as they experience the most severe drought in 60 years.

83% of Britons still believe climate change is a current or imminent threat, despite the climate science debacles and unseasonal weather over the last 18 months. The same question was posed in August 2009 and opinion has remained steady. However government cuts, on both sides of the Atlantic, are proposed for some agencies set up to tackle climate change.  The Carbon Trust is set to lose around 40% of its government funding and the Environmental Protection Agency has been warned that programs will be cut to meet Obama’s Budget savings plan.

Brands continuing to engage in sustainable initiatives:  Coca-Cola, Kraft, Associated British Foods, Premier Foods and P&G sign the Courtauld Commitment to reduce packaging and waste in the UK; retailer Woolworths joins the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil; Bacardi reduced their global water consumption by 27% last year; and Walmart pledge to make many of the foods it offers healthier and more affordable by 2015.

Creating profits by solving societal needs

It’s encouraging to see sustainable marketing become more directional with societal needs firmly in the spotlight. The big challenge for 2011 is how to create profits and brand equity whilst solving societal needs and making consumer and customer involvement easy and accessible. Marie Ridgley and Cate Hunt from Added Value UK explore how…

The Branding for Good team took the challenge to several influential brand players for their view. What has E.ON turning up the heat on fuel saving; SAB Miller whetting appetites for a responsible approach to bottom lines; and Sky reaching for more than the stars in the Brazilian rainforest, got to do with it? Find out more…

Eco Innovations

Turning the rules of motorcycle design on its head; solar powered charity; papier-mache milk bottles; flying Hondas; and a renewable energy source to power remote Africa. We bring you our pick of sustainable innovation making an impact around the world. Take a look…

And lastly, the Guardian ran a brilliant two week green blog festival recently. With a “blog a day” from a different country, explore the top green issues from bloggers on the front line (so to speak).

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