Why Facebook is beating Google, Part 2

23 Feb 2011|Leigh Marinner

Last week I blogged here about why Facebook is beating Google.  One reason is that many people rely on Facebook as their primary communication method.  Later that same day Om Malik blogged about how Facebook has pushed communication beyond status updates.  He said, “with the introduction of its unified Inbox, Facebook has shifted its core value proposition from being a plain vanilla social network to a communication company.”  Here’s a relevant bit from that post:

“Facebook imagined email only as a subset of what is in reality communication. SMS, Chat, Facebook messages, status updates and email is how Zuckerberg sees the world. With the address book under its control, Facebook is now looking to become the “interaction hub” of our post-broadband, always-on lives. Having trained nearly 350 million people to use its stream-based, simple inbox, Facebook has reinvented the “communication” experience. …. Facebook as a service is amazingly effective when it focuses all its attention on what is the second order of friends – people you would like to stay in touch with, but just don’t have enough bandwidth (time) to stay in touch with. Those who matter to you the most are infinitely intimate, and as a result you communicate with them via SMS, IM Chat and voice. So far, this intimate communication has eluded Facebook. The launch of the new social inbox is a first step by Facebook to get a grip on this real world intimacy.”

And as Om points out, Google has access to the mobile address book, which is the key to communications.  And Google could use that as a lever to facilitate interactions. The future will tell.

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