China’s New Culture of Cool: Understanding the world's fastest-growing market

30 Apr 2011|Added Value

China’s 1.3 billion citizens—particularly the 640 million who are under age 30—are becoming a world force. However, China is not a monolithic culture. Though deeply rooted in native traditions, its contemporary marketplace is eclectic, combining regional styles with elements borrowed from foreign cultures. And, it is evolving at a remarkable pace. To succeed in this dynamic emerging market, smart businesses need to understand its driving influences—especially its urban youth.

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“It is a perfect read for those desiring an understanding of the effects the enormous change has brought to China throughout the last decade, as seen through their perspective. Technology, food, fashion – are the areas that provide global inspiration”

-Richard Saul Wurman, Creator of the TED and eg Conferences

Focusing on four fundamental aspects of the consumer Chinese lifestyle— style, food, living, and mobility— the authors bring their collective experience and perspective to an insightful view of everyday life in urban China and the current culture of “cool.” Anyone interested in the world’s fastest-growing market should not miss this beautifully illustrated analysis. From it you will gain a new understanding of how China is changing rapidly and yet aspects of its future are remarkable predicable.

Cheskin has been actively studying China’s early adopters for years and China’s New Culture of Cool is a way to connect to them like never before.

China’s Consumer Revolution

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