Mark Whiting leads ESOMAR workshop on “Measuring Emotions”

01 Jun 2011|Added Value

Mark Whiting, Director at Added Value France, will be leading a workshop on “Measuring Emotions” at the ESOMAR Summer Academy 2011 on June 9th.

The aim of this one-day workshop is to understand emotions in more detail. Participants will learn why emotions are a key factor in building strong bonds between brands and consumers; why emotions are difficult to measure; and which research methodologies to best use. The techniques covered by Mark will be quantitative and qualitative, and will include innovative new approaches such as neuromarketing. Participants will be asked to share their experiences.

Mark Whiting is a frequent speaker at international market research conferences and runs the ESOMAR workshop for market research professionals on “Measuring Emotions”.

The Summer Academy consists of three days of workshops and a one day seminar. It will focus on specific methods, concepts and techniques to assist researchers in gaining practical skills and access to the latest knowledge in small and dedicated interactive learning sessions. The Summer Academy will take place in Amsterdam from June 7th to 10th.

For more information on Mark Whiting’s workshop please contact Public Relations.

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