5 tips on how to use digital communities to fuel innovation

27 Jun 2011|Added Value

The digital revolution is happening in marketing as well as culture. It’s not just about shifting traditional media, marketing and research practices online. It’s about leveraging digital to engage and co-create with people in a changing world.

Why are digital communities so powerful for innovation?

We use our digital platform AV-id™ to form bespoke creative communities around the world according to the challenge (renovation, innovation, disruption) e.g. Target Consumers or Client Communities for Renovation, Leading Edge Consumers for Innovation, Extreme Users (category/brand haters, challenged users, customizers…) and Experts for Disruption.
They allow us and our clients to adapt insight exploration and creative tasks as projects unfold. They generate living, breathing insight and ideas in inspiring multi-media formats. They enable global reach without prohibitive costs.
They are an intuitive platform for self-expression and idea creation for our participants that allows total freedom to generate insights and ideas (24h, 7/7), and encourage interaction and co-creation.

AV-id™ has won us many innovation projects for clients like IKEA, Levi’s, Bel, Seb, Unilever, L’OREAL, Kimberly-Clarke, Vodafone…
Click here to watch a short video on AV-id™ (wait 5 seconds till the film starts).

Here are 5 tips on how to use digital communities to fuel Innovation:
1. Leverage digital communities to create a new brand/consumer dialogue and generate fresh global insights and ideas
2. Identify the community (internal, leading edge, expert etc.) that is best placed to deliver against your strategic innovation objectives (from renovation to disruption)
3. Break out of the linear insight to ideation process to facilitate insight and idea generation as well as concept optimization throughout the innovation journey
4. Maximize the multi-media possibilities that digital offers to share intimate insights, pitch ideas and co-create with the community
5. Learn from our mistakes! We’ve been running digital communities since 2007 and have continuously optimized our approaches and technology to build successful creative networks

Take a look at the presentation Ben Wood gave at the Adetem conference on Innovation, May 26th 2011.

Ben Wood is responsible for the Added Value Group’s Innovation R&D and leads global innovation/NPD projects across range of categories including fashion, fmcg, beer & spirits and luxury. Ben is also instrumental in developing AV’s digital offer AV-id™.

Have you got any experience with digital communities and innovation that you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment on our LinkedIn Group.

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