Branding for Good NEWS Issue 29

06 Jul 2011|Added Value

Welcome to Issue 29 of Branding for Good News, Added Value’s newsletter focused exclusively on sustainable marketing; the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

Since the Fukushima disaster, the nuclear power debate continues. In a recent referendum, 94% of Italians opposed the use of nuclear as an energy source. This follows Germany and Japan’s pledge to phase out their existing power plants and invest in renewable energy sources. In contrast, France’s President, Nicholas Sarkozy, announced a 1bn Euro investment into fourth generation reactors. And the UK Government have been accused of creating a pro-nuclear PR campaign to ensure the Fukushima accident did not derail plans for new nuclear power stations in the UK.

Future energy sources will continue to be at the forefront for government and brands alike. General Motors are to become the first U.S automotive company to build a factory solely for the production of electric vehicles. And Boris Johnson’s call for London to become the Electric Vehicle capital of the world has sparked a race from the big three – British Gas, EDF Energy and nPower – to install charge points throughout the city and at customer’s homes. So will the announcement of the inaugural EV Cup, the world’s first ‘green’ motor racing series help to spark interest in all things electric?

Brands continuing to engage in sustainable initiatives: Airbus release a ‘concept cabin’ app to show the future of flying; UK supermarket Sainsbury’s persuade their customers to try more sustainable fish for free; Marks & Spencer launch their Forever Fish campaign in conjunction with WWF; McDonalds commit to using sustainably sourced fish for all their restaurants in Europe and launch a UK awareness campaign “the A-Z of McDonalds” promoting their community and environmental initiatives. Unilever too are keen to promote a more sustainable overview with the tagline ‘Small actions. Big difference’ on a diverse product range including Persil, Surf, Dove, Lynx, Bovril and Ben & Jerry’s.

Social Marketing – the new wave

Whilst taglines like Unilever’s ‘Small actions. Big difference’ are inspiring, they also rely on consumer actions. And behaviour change.  And we all know that human nature is pleasure-seeking, inherently lazy and habit driven. Education alone will rarely drive people to act differently. Yet we bipeds can and do change…when the right factors are put in place to incite us to do so. Leslie Pascaud, Added Value France tells us how…

Eco Innovations

Spiral growing; natural dental hygiene; table-top power; Google maps charging up the nation; and Bing searches that do good. We bring you our pick of sustainable innovation making an impact around the world. Take a look…

And lastly…ever thought how powerful the combined weight of the UK’s big trusted brands could be if they threw themselves behind one message, even just for one day? Start Today is being co-ordinated by ex-Added Value Brand Strategist, Liz Tinlin, with the endorsement of BITC and HRH Prince of Wales. There’s still time to join the movement. Read on…

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