Eco Innovations - July 2011

06 Jul 2011|Added Value

Food in a tube

A group of Scottish entrepreneurs have delivered the concept of vertical farming on a smaller scale. Consisting of two spiralling tubes that wind around a wooden post, the Whirligro reduces the need for pesticides, excessive watering and is perfect for those with limited ‘growing’ space.
Spotted first by ‘Springwise’


Expresso charging

HotSpot Café – We are all familiar with the free wireless hotspots offered to customers in most high street cafes. But this prototype could take ‘hotspots’ to a new level.  Panasonic are tipped to trial their ‘charging tables’ in Japanese cafes next year. The solar powered, electromagnetic field emitting from the table ‘surface’ can charge most portable devices placed on it.


Biodegradable Toothbrush

How do you market a ‘twig’ as a desirable eco-friendly dental hygiene product? Leen Sadder thinks she’s cracked it with her rebranding of the Middle Eastern Miswak tooth-cleaning twig. THIS Toothbrush is organic, portable, biodegradable and doesn’t need toothpaste. The packaging lid also doubles up as an in-built twig trimmer (much like a cigar cutter). Coming to a festival or camp site near you perhaps?


Electrically charged

So you’re an early adopter of the electric car trend. Great. But finding an EV charging point can prove troublesome, right? Enter Google. Currently only in the US, Google have incorporated ‘EV charging points’ in the search criteria of Google Maps.  Type it in and your desired area, and up pops a map with all the EV charging point locations.  Will we see this as a App in the not too distance future?



Searching the web. It’s part of everyday life but what if while you’re searching, you could be contributing to WWF’s Amazon rainforest efforts? Ecosia is your search engine answer. Powered by Bing and Yahoo, 80% of all the advertising revenue from Ecosia goes to protect the rainforest against deforestation and mining. And if that isn’t eco friendly enough, its servers run on green energy too.

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