How Bing found their bling with a little help from Jay Z

24 Aug 2011|Added Value

This years Cannes Lion Advertising Festival saw the launch of the inaugural Creative Effectiveness award. Eyespy takes a look at the winning campaign that was charged with fulfilling two compelling briefs; Creating an integrated campaign for Microsoft’s Bing whilst at the same time, launching rapper Jay Z’s first book: Decoded.

For the release of Jay-Z’s Decoded, agency Droga5 broke new ground in outdoor advertising, media strategy, and open source publishing by releasing each of the memoir’s pages into the world before the book hit stores. The campaign is a fantastic example of creative marketing being executed on a worldwide digital stage – with social network interaction and a true sense of storytelling which kept the audience engaged.

The Execution

The core idea was to drop every single page of the book out into the real world and then create an online experience that used Bing search and Bing Maps for people to locate all the pages. But the factor that really took it up another notch of difficulty was the decision to put the pages only in locations that were relevant to the content on each page.

There had to be a strategy and plan for each and every page; 300-plus media strategies all aimed to tell Jay-Z’s story right where it happened. And often the appropriate media just didn’t exist in these specific locations. As a result, Droga5 had to create their own media. From a vintage Cadillac wrapped in pages paying homage to the birthplace of New York hip-hop, to a 50 lb bronze plaque in the Marcy projects commemorating Jay-Z’s childhood. The unique placements covered hundreds of thousands of square miles around the globe and were released daily for a month with a collection of Jay-approved clues leading to each location.
Bing meanwhile were benefiting from mass exposure and consumer take up to their search and maps services – specifically; their younger target audience.

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