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30 Sep 2011|Added Value

This month we take a Silicon Valley view from Guest Editor Lee Shupp based in our San Francisco office, focusing on technology and innovation.

Ready to put your thinking cap on? Or would you prefer a brain implant? This may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but bio-computing has arrived, and many early experiments are showing the potential of brain-computer interfaces.
Get with the programme: Put your thinking cap on

Now that your thinking cap is firmly on, it’s time to start collecting data – on yourself….! Now that technology allows us to collect reliable data about our own bodies easily, a new movement is rising called the Quantified Self  bent on using data to measure and improve daily living. Futurist and tech writer Kevin Kelly has been involved in the movement from the beginning;
Check out his Technium Blog documenting the first Bay Area meetup

If you’d rather use your body than your brain, there is a growing number of hackers creating cool new applications on the Xbox Kinect platform. Kinect is Microsoft’s new natural user interface for computer games, released last fall, and hackers are inventing many new uses for it, like this robot.
Watch this video of Kinect robot hack
See YouTube’s “Best of Kinect Hacks” for more examples of creative Kinect hacks.

A perennial favorite (at least for the last 6 months): what’s the future of social networks? Our sister agency, The Futures Company, proposes alternative futures around six critical pivot points: How big? How pervasive? How private? How specific? How useful? How challenging?
Take a look here: Alternative futures around 6 critical points

And now for a BIG question: is innovation accelerating? TED curator Chris Anderson believes that web video is acting as an innovation accelerator. Why? Because we can quickly see and learn what others are doing, and add our ideas as well.
Check out: Chris Anderson on how web videos powers global innovation

And to finish, how about 20 awesome quotes on humor, play and creativity?
Read this: 20 awesome quotes on humor play and creativity

If you’d like to discuss how Added Value can help you exploit technology within your innovation process, we’d be delighted to hear from you.
Written by  Lee Shupp, Executive Vice President Cheskin Added Value

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