Nuestro Futuro: Hispanic Teens in Their Own Words

30 Sep 2011|Added Value

They live on Facebook and shop at Abercrombie, but listen to Spanish radio and embrace diversity. They’re proud of their unique individuality and their collective Hispanic heritage. It’s no secret that US Hispanic teens are an appealing segment and a challenging one. So what’s the secret to reaching them?

US Hispanic teens present a huge opportunity to glimpse how ethnic and cultural identity plays a role in teens lives and how it affects their choices and behaviors. By understanding what is meaningful to this segment, we have the opportunity to glimpse insights into the increasing “intracultural” forces shaping the broader teen market.

Moreover, Hispanic teens are a force in and of themselves. One in five teens in the US is Hispanic and they are growing in numbers and influence. Between 1993 and 2001, the Hispanic teen population grew 30%, while the non-Hispanic population grew just 8%. Their current spending habits exceed those of their mainstream counterparts and as does their influence over household spending patterns. They are largely bicultural and bilingual and a bellwether for one of the most important trends shaping the future of the United States – the growth of the US Hispanic population. Clearly, the future is theirs and they know it.

This Cheskin video profile of 30 bicultural Hispanic teens, 13 – 19,  across the US gives their experience voice. In their own words and in their own homes they reveal who they are as teens – their lifestyles, personal styles, attitudes and behaviors, and what makes them unique – their complexity, influence and optimism.

We draw not only from these interviews, but also from Cheskin’s extensive expertise in the Hispanic market to provide insights on how best to reach this segment and an understanding of those cultural nuances that are becoming the avatars of the new cool in teens.

The 3-DVD set is priced at $2900 US and includes:

  • A 20 minute video profile summary with key themes, insights and recommendations
  • 3 hours of video highlights from over 30 hours of in-depth interviews conducted one-on-one, in-home with bilingual Hispanic teens in 7 markets across the US
  • PDF report that provides additional insights and dimentionalizes key theme (This report can be downloaded from the link on the left of this page)

For more information on this profile or Cheskin’s Hispanic capabilities, contact Stephen Palacios, EVP at or 917.860.0517.

This profile was conducted with the support of Snippies network of skilled video journalists and talented producers. For more information, visit


Nuestro Futuro Report

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