Innovation Inspiration: 5 new paths to opportunity

28 Oct 2011|Added Value

This month we take a look at new ways to plan for and take advantage of opportunity, with tips from Google to Patagonia to strategy consultancies to start-up Betabrand; a preview of the coming war between Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon; and a few parting words from Steve Jobs.

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth
We’re all familiar with P&G’s First Moment of Truth, the critical consumer de-cision moment at the shelf. But Jim Lecinski from Google argues that today’s consumers know so much more before they even reach the shelf. The Zero Moment of Truth influenc¬es which brands make the shopping list, where shoppers choose to buy and with whom they share the results.
Read all about it: ZMOT

“Being new ALL THE TIME…”
According to Chris Lindland, CEO of fashion brand Betabrand, it’s “one of the big rules of the Internet.” Betabrand designs clothing around urban trends and stereotypes, and doesn’t launch spring or fall lines; instead, it designs, manufactures, and releases new products each week. So, for the urban bicycle commuter, there’s the Bike-to-Work pants; social misfits can go for the Black Sheep Sweater from the wool of black sheep.
Read how Chris inspires fans to experience with fashion

Spotting the 10 Clues to Opportunity
Writing in Strategy + Business, Donald Sull describes how to spot hidden, breakthrough opportunities in a variety of industries and countries by learning to pay attention to the subtle clues around us. They’re often contradictions, incongruities, and anomalies that don’t mesh with most prevailing assumptions. Watch out, a major opportunity for growth could be lurking behind them…
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Seeing Market Disruption as an Opportunity
In these times of cost-cutting, delayed innovation and down-trading, Bruce Levinson believes there are three ways to grow your brand: moving up; moving down; and moving sideways.
Read about what he means here: Three Routes to Brand Growth in Inflationary Times

Becoming Synonymous with Sustainable
“Developments on three fronts make it not only possible but inevitable that successful business will become synonymous with sustainable business.” So say Patagonia-inspired Yvon Chouinard, Jib Ellison, and Rick Ridgeway in the Harvard Business Review. “First, ‘prices’ are now being calculated for many things that had been considered priceless; second, capital is flowing into companies known to manage those costs well; and third, indices are being established that allow disparate contributors in a supply chain to converge on sustainability standards.”
Check out : The Big Idea: the Sustainable Economy

Battling for the Future of the Innovation Economy
If you want to have your mind blown about the future battleground for the Big Four: Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, read on…
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Mood tracking on Twitter
On a lighter note, drawing on tweets posted by 2 million + people in 84 countries, sociologists at Cornell have tracked our daily mood rhythms across the world…
Read more: Twitter Study Tracks when we Are 🙂

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”
And finally…in his famous Stanford commencement speech, Steve Jobs urges us to pursue our dreams and see opportunities in setbacks — including death itself.
Watch here: How to Live before you Die

Written by Jonathan Hall, Managing Director Cheskin Added Value

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