Event Cinema

09 Nov 2011|Cultural Insight Team

There was once a simpler time, when watching the latest blockbuster with a hotdog and bucket of popcorn was all we thought to wish for. But now it seems that merely viewing a film is barely worth going out for –  instead, cinema needs to be a fully immersive, unique and bizarre cultural occasion.

It is possible now to watch a film in a silent crowd with headphones on (silent-cinema.co.uk), in the fresh air on a high rise rooftop (rooftopfilmclub.com), in a narrow boat on the Thames (floatingcinema.info), projected onto a stack of discarded fridges  (filmsonfridges.com), or even powered by your own pedal-work (magnificentrevolution.org).

Films on Fridges (guardian.co.uk)

But whatever happened to simply enjoying a film, not the surroundings? Does something always have to be happening off screen as well as on nowadays? We’d hypothesise that as the opportunity for self-expression seeps into almost every field of life, and people are constantly in search of a ‘life less ordinary’ to broadcast on Facebook we’ll see this kind of ‘event-ing’ happening in other walks of life. Anyone for a ‘moonlight supermarket shopping?

Cycle-In Cinema (magnificentrevolution.org)

Surely there is a space for a Minimal Cinema  (could we call it a Minema?) – unadorned, with no distractions and the full focus of the audience directed toward the solid content of the film. Could no-gimmicks be the new gimmick? Watch this space.

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