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22 Nov 2011|Added Value

There is no doubt that China is one of the world’s most fascinating markets.  And the normal rules of engagement for marketers don’t always apply.  For brands to succeed, brand owners need a deep understanding of the cultural complexity of the market and the estimated 1.3bn people it serves.

To answer some of the most pressing marketing questions facing marketers in the Middle Kingdom, we recently held events in Shanghai and Hong Kong that provided participants with compelling insights into this fast-changing marketplace.

SourceLive Asia 2011 / Shanghai
SourceLive Asia 2011 was held in Shanghai in June, and attracted more than 100 participants. Bringing together speakers from successful brands like Audi and Sanofi-Aventis, with insight specialists and brand consultants from the Added Value world, the interactive half-day event was packed with ideas, discussion and debate.

Presenters included:

Eric Salama, Chairman and CEO of Kantar
Salama talked about the importance of being able to manage and mine large amounts of data and referenced the shift in insight spending away from ‘backward-looking’ research (evaluation insight) towards more real-time and forward looking insight, which allows brands to react to changes in their market more swiftly.

Orazio Costadura, Head of Brand and Customer Strategy at Audi AG
Costadura examined Audi’s rise from a mass market product to a premium brand and shared how careful and targeted consumer marketing helped to deliver the brand’s success.

Jerry Clode, Associate Director in Cultural Insight at Oracle Added Value
Clode presented an insightful view into changing gender roles in China and how this is affecting consumer behaviour.

Paul Leung, General Manager, Consumer Healthcare of Sanofi-Aventis
Leung’s fascinating talk explored the successful re-launch of an acquired local brand, 21 Super Vita, and the lessons learned along the way.

Ben Wood, Added Value France’s Innovation Director, Added Value France
Wood wrapped up the formal speeches with a look at how digital tools can be leveraged for innovation, referencing a case study conducted for Levi’s.
Here we share a taste of what the day was like:

SourceLive Hong Kong
The Hong Kong office followed the success of SourceLive Asia with an event that catered for clients from the local market. Held at the rooftop bar Sugar of East Hotel in September, more than 50 client representatives attended the 3-hour event to learn more about luxury and luxury brands in China.

Steve Bale, Jaslin Goh and Katie McClintock at SourceLive Hong Kong

Oracle Added Value’s Steve Bale (Non-executive Chairman, Greater China); Jaslin Goh, Regional Director, Brand Development (Hong Kong); and Katie McClintock, Managing Director (Hong Kong), took the podium and led the debate on the day.

SourceLive Hong Hong

From current trends in the region to the “codes” that are embedded in high-end brands, our speakers shared some great findings about consumers and the luxury industry with the audience, including fascinating insight into the behaviour of Mainland China outbound luxury shoppers (“MCols”) and an interesting case study on premium and luxury hotels.

Some of the individual presentations are available in PDF format.  Please contact Jessie Tsui with the details of your request. Sign up here if you’d like more information about Added Value events in your region.

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