Branding for Good NEWS - Issue 30

08 Dec 2011|Added Value

Welcome to Issue 30 of Branding for Good News, Added Value’s newsletter focused exclusively on sustainable marketing; the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

As 2011 draws to a close, high level officials & ministers from nearly 200 countries are meeting in Durban, South Africa for COP17 (UN’s Climate Change Conference) to push forward progress on the agreements made at Cancun in 2010. Yes we will forgive you if you too had missed those agreements from a year ago. And sadly the regulatory green horizon for 2012 looks somewhat distant and hazy as both the US & EU have stated they doubt a legally binding Climate deal will be reached in Durban.

So is it time for Plan B? A less top down approach that involves more human interaction, national and regional initiatives developed with local people’s interests in mind (jobs, income and security). The Guardian’s point of view on this is worth a read. There’s some interesting evidence out there of effecting change through People Power. Do the Bright Thing, rewards online shoppers by investing in solar energy; DoNation encourages DoActions, where you can pledge your support for friends and colleagues with Action rather than cash; and the Do Lectures, lighting a fire in your belly to go and Do your thing.

Brands too are continuing to engage in sustainable initiatives: UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s announced a £1bn sustainability programme designed to meet a raft of new environmental targets by the end of the decade;  John West  are encouraging their customers to track their tinned tuna from shop to ship; Ford and Toyota are joining forces to co-produce technology for a hybrid SUV and light truck to be released by the end of the decade; and North Face, Mizuno, Puma and Timberland are getting excited over the next generation of smart fabric made entirely from coffee grounds and plastic bottles, courtesy of state-of-tomorrow purveyor of green fabric S.Café.

Speaking of fabric, or rather dirty laundry, Adidas, Nike and Puma have committed themselves to ‘Zero Toxic Pollution’ by 2020 following a campaign by Greenpeace.

Could Sustainability be the Future of Luxury ?
We recently ran a qualitative study across 3 continents to uncover the 7 fundamental values of luxury. Interestingly, 3 values that form part of the DNA of luxury – Timelessness, Uniqueness, and Soul – also overlap with sustainable principles. The growing impact sustainability is having on all industries cannot be ignored either. So could sustainability be the Future of Luxury?  Leslie Pascaud, Added Value France thinks it’s an important differentiator and an innovation opportunity. Read on… 
Eco Innovations
How to dress (& impress) sustainably? Here’s our pick of Luxury sustainable innovation making an impact around the world. Take a look…

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