Webinar invitation: Mobility Trends

01 Mar 2012|Added Value

Join us for our first webinar of the year: How trends in human mobility can mobilise your brand

From Prehistoric times, man has roamed the world in search of connection and opportunity.  Each new step in man’s mobility has offered new challenges and risks.  And a wealth of new prospects.
Technology has fundamentally changed mobility.  And this has changed the way we act and interact with each other…and how we consume.
So what does this mean for your brand?
Places are limited, so register today

The webinar will take place Tuesday 13th March , at 16:00 GMT.

What you will get out of this webinar:

  • The shift from Mobility to Meta Mobility, an advanced stage of Hyper Mobility
  • The Meta Mobility context: the 4 central tensions affecting consumers
  • Examples of Drivers and Macro trends in Meta Mobility, and the opportunities for brands.

Presenters: Cécile Gorgeon, Director & Cultural Insight Specialist, and Yves Jaques, Project Director and Cultural Insight Specialist.








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