Superhuman Olympics

26 Mar 2012|Cultural Insight Team

We’re already getting enthusiastic about this summer’s sporting events, but we think we’re more excited about the Paralympics than the other Olympics. Unfettered by the limits of the human body the Paralympics is an exercise in resourcefulness, innovation and how far we can push the limits of technology. It’s where precision engineering meets determination, grit, and the fragility of the human form. It’s like Formula 1 racing for bodies, and as a result is, quite simply, more thrilling.

Oscar Pistorius Nike Ad (

               Imagine a future where there are three sets of Olympics. The Paralympics, the Olympics and the Superhuman Olympics. A set of games devoted entirely to bodies that have been enhanced, improved and engineered to hit highs of performance beyond what’s currently recognised as ‘human’. Spring-loaded legs, well-oiled joints and genetically modified limbs that make Ian Thorpe’s size 17 feet look normal. There would be no drug testing – steroids and other performance enhancers would fall well within regulations, in fact they would be encouraged.

Subdermal Magnets (

It may sound extreme but on our travels we’ve already encountered people having magnets implanted in their fingers to make their hands more ‘useful’ leaving the recipient not only with a sense of touch but also with a sense of magnetism that can ‘feel’ magnetic fields. Not to mention the leg lengthening, height enhancing surgery we’ve come across in China, and the fact that technology now exists to grow organs for transplant from stem cells. We’ve seen the future and the future looks enhanced, X Men here we come.

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