Webinar invitation : The silent revolution in Beauty and Hygiene

15 Apr 2012|Added Value

Join us for our upcoming webinar entitled ‘The Silent Revolution in Beauty and Hygiene’.

In the current economic climate, sustainable development is rarely center stage. Yet if we look more closely, we see that there is a “silent revolution” underway in the health and beauty sector, whose impacts cannot be underestimated.

Added Value and Kantar Worldpanel pay tribute to Earth Day by sharing the results of their latest analysis of natural and organic health and beauty brand codes and their impact on household purchasing behavior in France.

We will reveal the 6 consumer profiles extracted from Kantar Worldpanel’s new ‘Greenprint’ segmentation that confronts declared attitudes with real purchasing behaviors of their 20000 panelists in France.

We will ‘decode’ the territories of the most successful natural and organic brands and provide a point of view on potential evolutions in natural cosmetic territories.

The webinar will take place Tuesday 24th April , at 14:00 UK time – 15:00 French time – 09:00 East Coast.

Places are limited, so register today by contacting Marina Cozzika

About the presenters :

Leslie Pascaud is currently director of Added Value’s sustainable marketing practice which she launched in 2006 in recognition of a market need to reveal the unmet commercial potential for more responsible brands and businesses. Since then she has helped clients like Shell, Monoprix, Nestlé, Dove, Lipton and Danone use sustainable development as a springboard for innovation and brand building.

Camilla Guimard is a cultural insight specialist, with extensive knowledge of the food and beauty markets. She provides here an overview of current and emerging codes of naturalness in French beauty.

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