Street Style

14 May 2012|Cultural Insight Team

When someone mentions TK Maxx we immediately think of big red labels, bargain bins and rifling through rails of odds and ends as if at a jumble sale. None of these things are particularly appealing, but their new advert makes you reassess the experience with a fresh pair of eyes.



The advert references street photography and style blogs that turn the streets of London, Berlin and New York into catwalks for the stylish people passing by. Blogs such as The Sartorialist and photographers such as Manou are helping bring street photography to the forefront of fashion. We’ve blogged before about how adverts have utilised this more real, less Photoshopped aesthetic, and TK Maxx has managed to do this in a much more tasteful way than we expected.

The advert pulls on casual street and fashion photography in a haphazard way. It may be fussy, but this only serves to add to the eclectic nature of what the brand actually offers. The advert tells us that TK Maxx is “for the treasure seekers” and cleverly turns their hectic in-store experience into something much more exciting. Trawling through those rails is no longer a chore – it appeals to those who love vintage fairs and Brick Lane thrift shops, those who revel in finding that hidden gem. Rummaging is made to look entirely aspirational.

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