Eco innovations - June 2012

20 Jun 2012|Added Value

Brand = Action

Standing out in a crowded category is tough. Standing out and standing for something is even tougher. German brand “stop the water while using me” manages to do both.  Their promise is all natural, chemical free ingredients & refillable bottles. They ask their customers to: Stop the water while using their products. The Hamburg based brand was shortlisted for a 2010 Cannes Lion.


These boots are made for charging

Smart phones are here to stay, and rightly so. We can’t live without them.  However, keeping them charged can be a challenge.  Enter Kenyan entrepreneur Anthony Mutua and his tiny chip of crystals that gathers (& stores) energy when subjected to pressure.  His patented technology is designed to insert into the sole of any shoe which then gathers energy when the wearer walks or runs.  Funding from Kenya’s National Council of Science & Technology will allow the mass production of Mutua’s chips.  One to watch. First spotted by SpringWise.


Smart Cycling

From the brand that brought us those quirky commuter electric cars, comes the definitive (in our opinion) electric bicycle. And it’s also award winning.  The attention to detail is inspiring, the efficacy commendable and an iphone cradle … the icing on the cake?



Living Wall

A sustainable solution to grey inner city landscape has arrived.  Actually they’ve been popping up around London for the last 12 months but we wanted to highlight Biotecture’s recent exposure at the Chelsea Flower Show with their QR garden. Their latest installation is near the Eurostar Terminal. And if you were concerned, like us, about water consumption you’ll be relieved to know that the horizontal creations are watered via an efficient drip feed system which utilises both rain water and city mains supply (1 litre/m² per day).


RE:Routing Londoners

In case you’ve been living on a remote island and hadn’t heard; it’s an Olympic year!  And London is gearing up to stage the 30th Olympic Games this summer. Staging the Games they say is the largest peacetime logistical exercise that any country can undertake. And given London’s already overcrowded public transport system, it will be a challenge. So we’ve been watching with interest the partnership between Transport for London & Recyclebank to launch a rewards programme to encourage Londoners to walk or cycle around London. (note there’s no reward for using Public Transport – get it?) .


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