Webcast Invitation: Cultural Traction™

04 Jul 2012|Added Value

Cultural Traction Webcast InvitationJoin us for our upcoming Webcast introducing Cultural Traction™, a groundbreaking new study which quantitatively measures brands’ cultural vibrancy and the brands that are gaining or losing traction.

We believe that understanding your brand’s vibrancy in culture is the key to growth.  But why do we believe cultural vibrancy is important enough to measure?  Because in categories as diverse as FMCG, durables and tech, it appears to act as an early indicator of future success or imminent decline.  And if you’re gaining Cultural Traction™, you’re ahead of the game.

Complimentary Webcast Invitation | 17 July 2012
Option 1: 09h30 CET | 15h30 CST | 17h30 AUS | 08h30 GMT
Option 2: 10h00 PST | 13h00 EST | 19h00 CET | 18h00 GMT

Download the invitation here.

Our North American CEO, Maggie Taylor, shares the latest results of the study in a streamed webcast.

  • Why culture is important in building vibrant brands
  • The results of the Cultural Traction™ study
  • How harnessing the right trends can invent the future for your brand

Places are limited so contact Marina Cozzika to register today.

A Cultural Traction™ Case Study: Subway Whops Whopper
Subway continues to gain Cultural Traction™, its score (#10) thrashing a stale Burger King (#46). Now the #2 brand in category sales, it stands out most as Inspiring and Exciting, leveraging key trends like “Easy Nutrition” and “Small Change, Big Difference” to give consumers flexible paths to self-improvement.
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More about Cultural Traction™:
In 2010 and again in 2011, we asked 7,500 American consumers to give their views on 50 brands. The results revealed each brand’s VIBE score…how well a brand is leveraging culture as a means to stay Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting.  And whether each brand is gaining or losing vibrancy over time.
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