Affordable Art Fair - Beijing

05 Jul 2012|Cultural Insight Team

You had to be quick if you wanted a piece of art from this year’s Affordable Art Fair in Beijing, as art flew off the walls the minute the doors were open.

Beijing Affordable Art Fair

Now in its 7th successful year, the exhibition attracts art-loving Beijingers in their thousands, all desperate to get their hands on a quality bargain. Housed in a large warehouse in the middle of the 798 Art district in North East Beijing, the room was filled with art hand-picked by AAB founder Tom Patterson. Good quality art at affordable prices is very hard to come by in Beijing, so it’s the perfect opportunity for young art enthusiasts to pick something up. It also serves as a unique platform for young artists to showcase their art.

Beijing Affordable Art Fair

As with the Affordable Art Fair in London, there was an eclectic mix of styles – “something for everyone” must have been the brief. From the more obvious paintings of the misty, smoggy Beijing skylines and kitsch sculptures to some deeply thought-provoking, even haunting, pieces commenting on the rapidly changing social, financial and political state of China today.

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