Real Life Marvel

24 Jul 2012|Cultural Insight Team

Hands down this is the best piece of communication we’ve seen about the London 2012. Not just because of the pace, sheer emotional power, the spot on sound and its real, raw strength. Nor because of the fact that unlike other Olympian-related advertising, Channel 4 isn’t selling a product so wildly disconnected to the sporting event that any attempt at connecting it with an emotional message seems simply blasphemous (MacDonald’s is a main perpetrator). But because it rightly brings the Paralympics into a spotlight that’s way more exciting than the actual Olympics themselves.

Meet the Superhumans (

Seeing Paralympics athletes as superhumans, and not disabled humans, is something we wrote about a while back here. Sports men and women haven’t just dedicated every minute of the past few years to this very moment, but they’ve done it while overcoming – to many, unthinkable – physical adversity, all the while using technology and innovations that put them on par, if not above their Olympian counterparts.  They’re the real-life embodiment of Marvel’s X-Men, battling it out on the field and the courts – an image evoked in the final frame of the spot. The stars of the Paralympics aren’t just sporting heroes. They’re superheroes.

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