The Connected CEO: how are business leaders in Asia adapting – and embracing – the digital revolution?

22 Aug 2012|Added Value

Statistics on the use of digital technology shows, unsurprisingly, that the youth is at the vanguard of the digital revolution. But what about corporate leaders?  Those individuals tasked with making the major decisions for brands and businesses? Are they also engaging in this communications revolution?

Added Value Saffron Hill, working with MEC and CNBC, recently undertook a regional study into this highly sought after yet often un-researched niche segment.  In this study, conducted amongst the C-Suites of multi-national companies across Singapore, Hong Kong and India, Tessa Brown of Added Value Saffron Hill in Singapore, talks to senior leaders to understand whether they are embracing this revolution and just how they are integrating technology into their work and personal spaces.

Key headline findings include:

  • CEOs have never been more accessible
  • iPad – the game changer?
  • Selective levels of engagement with social media
  • How technology is influencing the travel corridor
  • The brand conscious CEO

Download the topline report here: The Connected CEO

For more information, contact Tessa Brown, Managing Director, Added Value Saffron Hill.

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