Fashion Night Out in Paris 2012

10 Sep 2012|Marina Cozzika

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out took Paris by storm the evening of September 6th. Judging by the lines outside of every store and the eccentric yet elegant crowds buzzing the streets, the night was a huge success.

Unlike the past three years, last night’s FNO took place in the heart of Paris – between Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Rue Saint-Roch. The night was all about shopping and discovering surprises in Luxury and Premium brands’ stores – where stars, designers and fashionistas spent the evening listening to music, sipping wine and champagne, and eating delicious petits-fours.

So how did brands use this event to promote themselves and be seen?

L’Oréal and Yves Saint Laurent made their presence clear by setting up pop-up shops. L’Oréal’s Braid Bar created quite a stir and quickly attracted a big crowd – as braids are all the rage now in Paris, the queue to get coiffed was huge. Across from the Braid Bar, YSL set up a make-up studio which attracted an equally long line! After being all pampered up, everyone was ready to strut rue Saint-Honoré. YSL and L’Oréal turned the streets into live catwalks.

With so many shops staying open for the night, brands had to be extra creative with street marketing and offers to keep the excitement going. Shu Uemura offered red air balloons with a cute Japanese girl on them that you couldn’t miss from afar; Colette, the trendiest shop in Paris had installed a machine on its first floor that was producing bubbles. Comptoir des Cotonniers handed out champagne as shoppers waited in line to get their photo taken. Mulberry handed out branded handbag shaped balloons.

Brands were also creating excitement by releasing collector items exclusively for Vogue FNO: e.g. Lanvin’s capsule collection, Chanel’s Twin-set beauty kits, Michael Kors’ sunglasses, Moschino’s iPhone case and Paul Smith’s scarf.

FHO was a great night for challenging brands’ creativity to attract customers and create excitement in the streets of Paris.

To read more about FNO worldwide check out their website here.

Written by Marina Cozzika, Public Relations Added Value France.

Credits: Collector Vogue T-Shirt created for FNO Paris 2012.

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