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04 Oct 2012|jhall

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If all the world’s a stage, then some enlightened brands are learning to tell their unique stories. Why? Because in a post-advertising, back-to-essentials world still reeling from the Great Recession, authenticity is prized more highly than ever. And stories are an age-old means of engaging with people in a meaningful, emotional way. Nissan’s work around the concept of kotozukuri is a stand-out example. Take a look at some of the other pioneers.

The Top 10 brand storytellers
It’s a US-centric worldview, but Fast Company’s perspective is as good a place to start as any, and it ain’t all big brands.
Once Upon a Brand

Coke and storytelling
In a post-advertising world, who’s among those leading the charge at using digital storytelling platforms? A clue: it’s the brand that wanted to buy the world a Coke.
Coke’s Big Plan for Digital Storytelling
And it’s not just Coke…
Take a look at the other nine:
Ten Brands Doing Post-Advertising Right

The Revlon Revolution
Moving from post-advertising back to advertising: Revlon’s new campaign focuses on storytelling, rather than models wearing products.
Revlon Prepares New Storytelling Ad Strategy

Revlon’s Julia Goldin on Her New Storytelling Strategy.
Read it here.

Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter
With a slightly different twist on storytelling, but still on the theme of understanding the power of stories to create strong emotional connections, Facebook has dedicated an entire site to people’s stories, where you can share individual or collective experiences. Tumblr and Twitter have followed suit.
Facebook stories

Tumblr storyboard

Twitter stories  
Visual marketing
“Blog posts became Facebook updates and Tumblr posts, which shrunk to Tweets and finally to Instagram or Pinterest.” The implication for brand owners? The need to tell powerful visual stories about their brands and products in as immediate and engaging a way as they can, and thereby drive social conversations and sharing.
The Rise of Visual Social Media 
Storytelling for Good
Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending site, founded by Jessica Jackley and Matt Flannery. The spirit of storytelling pervades the organization. Their inspiration? The stories of Ugandan entrepreneurs. and the Power of Storytelling
Finding storytellers among your employees
Innocent Drinks’ Creative Director Dan Germain believes that “rather than spending a lot of time trying to define what the tone of voice is, it’s important just to find really good people internally to write; to be in‑house journalists. There’s loads of interesting stuff going on in our business, plenty of interesting stories happening…”
Creative Director Dan Germain on the importance of highlighting the human stories that drive the success of any organization

And now for some visual relief…
In case you haven’t seen it, allow yourself to indulge your geeky side.
Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes
Watch it here.

The next big thing in social networking
You heard it here first (well, almost).
Härnu is Map-Based Social Networking and It’s Brilliant.
Check-it out here.
2012’s World’s Most Innovative Companies
And last but not least: it’s People, Processes and Philosophies that differentiate the best in class, and not an Apple in sight in the Top 15.
The World’s Most Innovative Companies
If you’d like to find out more about how Added Value can help you uncover, craft and tell your brand’s unique stories, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Written by Jonathan Hall, Managing Director, Added Value Cheskin.

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