Innovation Inspiration : Mobility is changing everything

12 Nov 2012|jhall

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Mobile technology. It’s become so central to who we are and what we do that it’s worth remembering that our daily lives are being improved, industries are being disrupted and  new business models are being created. In a previous Innovation Inspiration, we talked about how mobile is where the growth is as consumers shift from PC activity to mobile computing. 

But, taking advantage of mobile’s capabilities is not only a route to growth: it’s also an important way to innovate and enhance your customer experience. Below, you can read the stories of companies that are experimenting with ways to best leverage mobile.

1) Anticipatory mobile
Back in 2010, Robert Scoble described a future where mobile service providers banded together to pro-actively and seamlessly deliver location-based services to mobile users.  While this describes a future that has not yet materialized, it might not be too far off: Hossein Rahnama, research & innovation director of the Digital Media Zone at Toronto’s Ryerson University, is developing a software platform called Flybits that anticipates our needs based on location, situation and pre-defined preferences.
Robert Scoble’s not yet materialized future.

Check out why it might not be too far off.

2) Transforming even slow-to-change industries 
Mobile is on the verge of creating major disruption in the education space. Kishore Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at Accenture, believes that “in the coming decade, the field of education is where IT will make its single biggest social and economic contribution.”
Read more about the disruptions in the education space.

3) Is the mobile wallet finally going to take off? 
We’ve been hearing for years that we’ll be able to throw away our wallets and pay for everything by phone, but no one seemed to be able to really figure out how to make it work.  Well, the wait may be over: paying and tipping at your local Starbucks is about to change, thanks to the company’s partnership with Square:  Square and Starbucks. 
Discover more about Starbucks and Square.

4) Struggling with a mobile strategy?  You are not alone. 
The Facebooks of this world must have it all sorted out, right? Wrong…even the great tech companies are trying to figure out how to effectively deliver the ideal mobile experience: and of course, improve revenues while doing so. 
What a Successful Facebook Mobile Strategy May Look Like.

5) Mobile is not just phones and tablets
After Starbucks claimed the Third Space for itself, people are now calling our cars the Fourth Space. Mobile technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry, and it looks like your next car will be as connected as your PC or phone – or “the next great platform for connectivity”, according to tech entrepreneur Jim Disanto.
New Tech Incubator Focuses on Car-Based Apps.  

6) Revolutionizing the shopping experience
Retailers have been wise to the opportunities offered by mobile technologies for some time. Now they’re starting to execute. Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus are using mobile to mimic the online shopping experience in physical retail stores; and they are not the only ones: we’re set to experience a fundamental change in the way we experience shopping.
Nordstrom Sees Sales Boost From Mobile POS Devices

NM Service App for iPhone, at Your Service

5 Innovative Mobile Shopping Apps

7) Easing the stress of business travel
As the glamour of travel becomes an ever-more distant memory, the hospitality industry has been investing heavily in mobile to re-think the customer experience. Here’s an example:  Four Seasons are helping business travelers stay seamlessly connected while they travel.
Check out how Four Seasons keeps business travellers connected with new mobile technology innovations

8) The top 15 innovators
And here are even more companies that are looking to profoundly change the mobile landscape.
Our pick for the most innovative companies

And some final food for thought
The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers
View it here

How mobile devices have changed the way we consume media
Discover it here

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Written by Jonathan Hall, Managing Director, Added Value Cheskin

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