Merry Marmite Christmas

14 Nov 2012|Cultural Insight Team

Christmas, you either love it or you hate it. They claim that the Christmas lights go on at the same time every year  – once the poppies are down, the lights go up. But there will always be people who, on seeing the festive sparkle ignite, will start to whine, moan and huff…”Really, impossible, it gets earlier every year, outrageous, there’ll be turning them on before Easter before we know it, tut tut huff huff stomp stomp etc.”

For each one of these people – roughly 50% of the nation we’d say – there is an equal and opposite reaction in those people who have been slowly stockpiling gifts from Argos since August. They start to feel ‘Christmassy’, will swear they can smell pine needles on the air and will feel a tingling of butterflies in the stomach as they lovingly embrace their favourite time of year.

Marmite Oxford Street Xmas Lights (

Christmas truly is a polarising time of year. Dickens recognised that within each of us there is an Ebenezer Scrooge or a Tiny Tim waiting to float to the surface come November. It’s a fact of British life that there are lovers and haters of Christmas and we think it’s entirely appropriate, and refreshing, to see Marmite recognising that fact by sponsoring the Oxford Street Christmas lights.

Whether you love or hate Christmas we think this is a great example of a brand taking the opportunity to bring a smile to anyone’s face.


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