White Space

23 Jan 2013|Cultural Insight Team

A huge ipad mini advert recently caught our eye waiting whilst on the platform for a tube train. It stretched over almost twice the length of a typical advert in. Way more than half of that space remained empty. 

This seemed to be the most incredible extravagance. We know that Apple lives in a world of honed simplicity, however we think this use of white space should also be read as a luxury statement.

White spaces
White spaces

Selfridges have used this idea in their current No Noise project. Last week saw the opening of their Ultralounge, a silent room and blank space that offers shoppers respite from the clutter and sea of information that they experience in today’s world, which becomes particularly apparent on a Saturday afternoon on Oxford Street. On the Selfridges website you can download meditative tracks that give you “headspace” at different stages throughout your Selfridges experience and in the food hall “unbranded” versions of well-known products line the shelves. This blank space is pitched as the ultimate luxury for over-stimulated consumers. Brands that want to seem assured, slick and premium are cutting down because they can afford to spend more money on less.

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