Pretty in Pink

13 Feb 2013|Cultural Insight Team

Three cheers to Helen Mirren for stealing the show. And for having the confidence and sense of humour to dye her hair candy floss pink at the age of 67 at this year’s BAFTA awards. Rumour has it she was watching America’s Next Top Model and was inspired by British model Sophie Sumner’s look.

What’s interesting is how this hair trend has trickled onto the red carpet. It started in the UK in the depths of Dalston at Bleach Hair Salon where they’ve been spearheading hair trends for several years. Hipsters in East London have been rocking these rebellious looks for so long now it’s no longer cool. Most covetable was grunge model Charlotte Free. Gregarious celebs then jumped on the band wagon with the likes of Gaga, Pink and Minaj all going pink. Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Wonderland and iD then celebrated the look with several of the aforementioned celebs gracing their front covers with pink hair.   

Pink Hair Cultural Insight

But, like all good fashion trends, pink hair is not new or original. Japanese Harajuku girls having been doing it for years in a quest to look like dolls , and if you look back far enough women have actually been dying their hair shades of pink since the 1940s. We think Mirren takes this  nearly-tired trends and keeps it fresh and exciting by her teasing subversion of age rules.

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