Roses are Dead

14 Feb 2013|Cultural Insight Team

We’re not fans of Valentine’s Day. I mean, what’s there to like? The shops stock an endless mass of sickly chocolates, dozens of red roses and Clinton’s teddy bears clutching misshapen hearts. This year however we have spotted a few more interesting gift ideas and events, that don’t simply make us want to vomit in our loved one’s lap. Here are some of the best we’ve seen…

1. We’ve noticed a spate of ironic Valentine’s messages scrawled on blank cards which go for humour rather than being sickly sweet (Thanks DomesticSluttery!)
Valentine's Cards (
Valentine’s Cards (
Biological valentines (
Biological valentines (

2. Some people also seem to be taking a more biological approach this year… The Grant Museum of Zoology are hosting “Love in the Natural World” a one night exhibition looking at how animals approach romance. While the realistic and intricate detail of this anatomically correct  heart pendant from Peggy Skemp is genuinely beautiful.

3. We’ve also noticed a few places that encourage you to say “I love you” with thoughts not things. I Promise is a website that  wraps up your promises – little or large, silly or serious, in a  beautiful box and sends them to your loved one.  Drink Shop Do are also holding a tongue in cheek poetry writing evening to loosen up your literary skills.
Thoughts not things ( and
Thoughts not things ( and

Overall there seems to be a definite reaction against  the mass of sickly sweet Valentine’s paraphernalia that plagues the shops year after year, with a series of humorous and ironic events and gifts emerging in their place. Although this is unlikely to change our minds about our lack of enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day, some of them did make us smile.

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