Little Snippets of NYC in Paris

28 Feb 2013|Cultural Insight Team

If you ever get thirsty for some New York City while in Paris, here are a few new hang-out spots whose atmospheres are sure to fill your craving…

Cafe Lomi Culturla Insight

…with coffee: Café Lomi –  A Brooklyn-styled coffee shop that is one of the rare spots in Paris where you’re encouraged to hang out for the day with your laptop.  Lomi is also coffee laboratory that carefully executes the perfect coffee experience from the grain to the cup. They believe that the art of coffee is hidden in every detail – from the roasting, to the milk frothing to the way the coffee is served. Thus, the coffee is roasted in house. The machinery is hidden in the back room and while it may feel like trespassing, all customers are free to roam and take a look.

New York Paris Cultural Insight

…with alcohol: Le Sherry Butt – Le Sherry Butt is hard to stumble upon as it sneakily hides behind a discreet façade on a random side street in the Marais. In line with the cocktail/mixology trend that burst in Paris in the last couple years, Le Sherry Butt uses homemade ingredients (like champagne syrup) to spice up their cocktail menu. And with only 11 cocktails to choose from, they impressively keep your palate interested.

… with alcohol: Little Red Door – According to the bar’s owner, Timothée, the unmarked red door is the frontier between reality and the underground world of elegance and creativity, and indeed it is. The bar’s dim lighting bouncing off of the brick walls onto the velvet couches and bar stools make you feel like you are in a vintage Brooklyn parlor. The cocktail menu is exciting with a bizarre mix of ingredients – we recommend you go earlier in the evening as the small, comfortable space gets packed quite quickly.

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